Donowyn Custom Saddle Stays

Reviews of Donowyn Customs

A customer’s feedback is a blessing!

It gives me a sense of pride when my customers call me back to appreciate the quality of the stuff I make and share it with them. Here are some of them;

Installation and review by Dangar Motorcycling

Installation & review of RE Himalayan pannier racks (saddle stays)

Installation of Front Mounting Rod (for aux lights)

Review of Donowyn Customs Saddle Stays

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Donowyn’s name had been popping up here and there on the Royal Enfield Himalayan Owner;s Group (REHoG) on FaceBook(FB). I purchased the stays from him for the following reasons:

  1. They were made of Stainless Steel
  2. They had a flat base, which could be folded. Similar to what I would have designed.
  3. A few iterations of the product were already completed.